What DO We Do?

       Manage the Margo Trombetta Peace and Anti-Bias Library

       Search for and Review Wonderful Peace & Anti-Bias Picture Books

       Build and share Peace & Anti-Bias ECE Curriculum

       Reach Out to Our Communities with What We Learn


How Did the Peace Education Project Begin?

marie Greiner Children's Peace Library logoOur project grew from a small collective of Early Childhood Education professionals who were brought together by Cabrillo College ECE teacher Rosemarie Greiner to brainstorm about teaching peace. These teachings manifested as a physical library that began as a gift from educator Margo Trombetta. In the 1990s, with the assistance of Dr. Habib Kritt, we were able to take the library online, as a searchable database of books.

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       The Spark that Started it All

       Books for a Peaceful and Just Community

       Reaching Out - The Library Goes National (and International)


Who We Are Today & How We Operate

Teacher reading to a group of childrenThe Peace and Anti-Bias Education project is always a work in progress. Funded by donations, staffed by volunteers, existing during a world shifting time – all of us who work on the project feel a deep sense of responsibility to help build a safe, just, and joy filled world for every child. We strive for collaborative, inclusive, decision making – even when we don’t always achieve it. Our intent is that our decisions and operations are based upon and reflect the interactions between the Anti-Bias goals, Peace Education strands, the foundational theories of child development and literacy development, a recognition that children are always, first and foremost, part of their particular families and cultures, and a full hearted belief in children’s remarkable capacities and intelligence.

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       Visibility Affirms Reality - Invisibility Erases Identity and Experience

       The Margo Trombetta Children’s Peace and Anti-Bias Library

       How We Choose the Books

       The Rosmarie Greiner Peace and Justice Outreach Project