Using books to help build a peaceful and just world.

Male teacher sharing a persona doll with a child next to a book shelf
None of us can do this work alone. Every year we learn more about how to use these books, about how to talk with children about what the books contain and how to feed children’s innate sense of fairness and unfairness.

Here are some resources we have found useful.

Why Picture Books Matter. Where to find them. And how to fund buying them!

       Children’s Picture Books: An essential resource for selecting and financing your children’s book collection

       Checking out books before you buy

       Where to buy books in person and online: large commercial presses and smaller presses focused on visibility for groups that are usually marginalized


       Publishers and sales sites

       Favorite sites we keep going back to

Thinking about Professional Development Opportunities

Group of anti-bias educators at NAEYC Conference

Louise Derman-Sparks, Luis Rodriguez, Debbie LeeKeenan, Nadia Taylor, Ijuuma Jordan, Julie Olsen Edwards, and Megan Pamela Maddison, anti-bias educators at NAEYC Conference

There are many, many, sources of support for teachers doing anti-bias, anti-racist, peace education work with infants through six year olds. Here are a few organizations that have been especially useful to us.

       Community Colleges

       Educators for Peaceful Classrooms and Communities

       Exchange Press

       NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)


Our Latest Favorite Adult Book

There are so many books that have informed our work and required us to think more deeply about books and conversations as essential tools in supporting children to thrive in our still inequitable world. Here’s our latest favorite! Send us information about your current go-to adult book that keeps you keeping on!

Raising Antiracist Children Book CoverRaising Antiracist Children: A Practical Parenting Guide by Britt Hawthorne and Natasha Yglesias. Written by a mother and a Montessori ECE teacher, this book is full of questionnaires, stories, practical activities, helpful tips, and specific tools to foster an antiracist lens in adults and children. It invites us all to become conscious citizens and active participants in working towards justice and supports adults and children to find common ground in becoming anti-biased and antiracist (ABAR) human beings. Serious theory. Practical practice. We keep finding enlightening gems in here!


Send us your suggestions for resources we should include
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