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Now One Foot, Now the Other - Cover
Now One Foot, Now the Other
Tomie dePaola, G.P. Putnam's Sons 2005
Bobby was named after his best friend, his grandfather Bob. Bob helped Bobby learn to walk, they built block towers together, Bob told Bobby stories - including the favorite story of how Grandpa taught him how to walk - "now one foot, now the other." Years later, when Bobby is a young boy, his parents tell him Bob is in the hospital. He had something called a stroke. His arms and legs were too weak to walk. When he finally comes home, it is now Bobby's turn to teach Bob how to walk - "now one foot, now the other."

Ages: Play Years (2-4), Transition (4-5)
Languages: English
Book Types: Story Book
Identity Groups: Disabilities, Elders, Non-Stereotypical Males, White/Euro-American
Special Topics: Illness/Injury
Strands: Knowledge of Self & Connection to Others, Creative Conflict Resolution & Sense of Justice