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Tonio's Cat - Cover
Tonio's Cat
Mary Calhoun, Morrow Junior Books, 1996
Tonio is dearly missing his dog Cazador, left behind in Mexico when his family moved to California, and is also missing having friends to play with. Near his school he meets a skinny old yellow cat with a torn ear. He brings food for the cat, who will only eat it when Tonio is gone. When Tonio stops two children teasing the cat, a friendship begins. A very sweet story of love between a lonely boy and a streetwise cat. Illustrations are beautifully painted in warm colors. Various phrases in Spanish.

Tonio extraña mucho a su perro Cazador, que se quedó en México cuando su familia se mudó a California, y también extraña tener amigos con quienes jugar. Cerca de su escuela se encuentra con un gato amarillo viejo y flaco con una oreja rota. Trae comida para el gato, que solo se la comerá cuando Tonio no esté. Cuando Tonio detiene a dos niños que se burlan del gato, comienza una amistad. Una dulce historia de amor entre un chico solitario y un gato callejero. Las ilustraciones están bellamente pintadas en colores cálidos. Varias frases en español.

Ages: Transition (4-5), Young School Age (5-8)
Languages: English, English with Some Spanish
Book Types: Story Book
Identity Groups: Non-Stereotypical Males, Immigrant, Latinx
Special Topics: Activism, Friendship, Animals with Children
Strands: Care & Love of Nature, Creative Conflict Resolution & Sense of Justice