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Saturday - Cover
Oge Mora, Little Brown and Co. 2019
This is a perfect little story, illustrated by collage artist and author Oge Mora. Saturday is so important for Ava and her mother because Mother works every other day of the week - so Saturdays are special and splendid! THIS Saturday, however, everything goes wrong. The Library book reading is canceled. Their hair gets splashed with water and ruined after they have gone to the beauty salon. The park is crowded and noisy. And worst of all, Mother left the tickets behind for the puppet show. As Ava's mother breaks down and cries, it is Ava who reassures her. This Saturday IS special - because they spend it together.

Ages: Play Years (2-4), Transition (4-5), Young School Age (5-8)
Languages: English
Book Types: Story Book
Identity Groups: Single Parent, Working Class, African American
Special Topics: Banned Books (Recent)
Strands: Knowledge of Self & Connection to Others