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Thank You, Omu! - Cover
Thank You, Omu!
Oge Mora, Hachette Book Group 2018
Omu has cooked the best thick red stew she ever made...but one by one, everyone in her neighborhood smells the stew, knocks on her door, and she shares the stew. When dinner time comes, there is nothing in the pot for Omu.! But then, there is another knock on the door, and all the people - the little boy, the hot dog vendor, the police officer, the cab driver, the shop owner, the actor, the dance, the baker - have come back with food to share. Wonderful multi-racial art work. Wonderful use of words like wafting and scrumptious and delicious. Also available in Spanish "Gracias Omu".

Ages: Play Years (2-4), Transition (4-5), Young School Age (5-8)
Languages: English
Book Types: Story Book
Identity Groups: Elders, Non-Stereotypical Females, Working Class, African American, Bi-Racial, Carribean, Latino American, Multi-racial Groups
Special Topics: Food, Cooking, Banned Books (Recent)
Strands: Joy in Diversity, Creative Conflict Resolution & Sense of Justice, Knowledge of Self & Connection to Others