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Kitchen Dance - Cover
Kitchen Dance
Maurie J. Manning, Clarion Books 2008
The sounds coming from downstairs awaken two children - and when they investigate, it's Mama and Papa dancing around the kitchen while they wash the dishes and put them away. A gloriously happy story about a loving bi-lingual (Spanish/English) family.

En este cuento, los sonidos que vienen de abajo de la escalera de la cocina despiertan a dos niños, y cuando investigan, descubren a mamá y papá bailando en la cocina mientras lavan los platos y los guardan. Un cuento memorable y feliz sobre una amorosa familia bilingüe (español/inglés).

Ages: Play Years (2-4), Transition (4-5)
Languages: English with Some Spanish
Book Types: Story Book
Identity Groups: Latino American
Special Topics: Bedtime/Nighttime, Music/Dance/Artistry - STEAM
Strands: Knowledge of Self & Connection to Others, Joy in Diversity, Imagination & Playfulness