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Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families (The) - Cover
Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families (The)
Susan L. Roth & Cindy Trumbore, Lee & Low Books 2011
This is a remarkable true story about a scientist, Dr. Gordon Sato, who solves problems of hunger, poverty and lack of schooling, by inventing a simple, inexpensive way mangroves can grow in salt water. The mangroves help the people of Eritrea plant mangrove trees which brings leaves to the goats and fish to the tree roots where fishermen can find them. The story is written the style of "The House that Jack Built", a repetitive pattern where each page adds one line to the one before and non-readers can join in to the story repeating the lines they have already heard. There is also an on-going more complex text for older children and a segment for adults at the end. This is one of our all time favorite books.

Ages: Transition (4-5), Young School Age (5-8)
Languages: English
Book Types: Story Book, Biography
Identity Groups: African, Asian American
Special Topics: Activism, Food, Cooking, Earth, Physical, Life Science: STEAM, Knowing Our History (School Age)
Strands: Care & Love of Nature, Creative Conflict Resolution & Sense of Justice, Global Awareness