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En las Piernas de Mamá: On Mother's Lap - Cover
En las Piernas de Mamá: On Mother's Lap
Ann Herbert Scott, McGraw-Hill 2006
A small Inuit boy brings his favorite toys to snuggle with him on his mother's lap. But when his baby sister wakes up, he is sure there isn't enough room. Baby, all the toys, and Michael are gathered together because, as his mother whispers, "There is always room on Mother's lap." (Available in either Spanish or English)

Un pequeño niño Inuit trae sus juguetes favoritos para acurrucarse con él en el regazo de su madre. Pero cuando su hermanita se despierta, está seguro de que no hay suficiente espacio. Bebé, todos los juguetes y Michael están reunidos porque, susurra su madre, "siempre hay espacio en el regazo de mamá". (Available in either Spanish or English)

Ages: Infant/Toddler (0-2), Play Years (2-4), Transition (4-5)
Languages: Bi-lingual (Spanish/English)
Book Types: Story Book
Identity Groups: Single Parent, Non-Stereotypical Males, Native American
Special Topics: Birth/Babies, Siblings, Banned Books (Recent)
Strands: Knowledge of Self & Connection to Others, Global Awareness