Featured books: Wishes by Mượn Thị Văn

book cover Wishes

As the refugee crisis accelerates, more and more children are experiencing the trauma of perilous journeys to what their families hope will be safety. This seems like the right time to feature picture books that don’t avoid the danger that these families experience but honor the courage and hope that carry refugee families on.

Wishes is the story of a refugee family leaving behind their homeland and their beloved elders in the darkness of night. They have only what they can carry on their back – and bravely join others on an open boat that crosses an unnamed sea.

Told in the voice of the author as a young girl, the exquisite illustrations and lyrical words are filled with the heart break, danger and always the hope. “The dark night wishes it was quieter. The path wishes it was shorter. The boat wishes it was bigger. The sea wishes it was calmer.” And the child wishes “I wouldn’t need to wish anymore.” Read this tender true story one-on-one with little ones. And read it to everyone you know.

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For an interview with the author and more information about her own journey as a refugee and her motivation for writing the book please see this interview with Scholastic.

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