Featured books: The Colors We Share by Angélica Dass

Cover of The Colors We Share by Angelica Dass

based on the Humanae Project

Forget black and white or brown or yellow as descriptions of skin color. This is an amazing book with hundreds of face/shoulder photo portraits of human beings of all ages – everyone of whom has a unique color of their skin (carefully coded in terms of the Pantone color chart!). The simple text explicitly states the foolishness and injustice of thinking that a person’s skin color tells us anything about that person. There is a mirror to check out our own faces. Even if there were no text, children would be fascinated by all the wondrous faces and the invitation to see if they can match their own skin to any of the multiple shades of skin. The final lines of the book say “We all have something different to offer. And so our differences do not need to divide us. Together we can question old ideas, and think bigger”.


This video is a discussion of the Humanae Project, the book and a reading by the author, Angélica Dass

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