Featured books: Being You: A First Conversation About Gender

Cover of Being You Children's Book

Written by Megan Madison & Jessica Ralli – Illustrated by Andy Passchier

In honor of Trans Day of Visibility here’s a book that celebrates every child’s emerging gender identity. This is one in a series of books called First Conversations with a section in the back for the adults.


Clear, simply said, wonderfully illustrated – Being You is a perfect book for three to eight year olds (and their parents and teachers) about gender identity and body positivity in it’s many forms. “There’s only one you in the whole world. Isn’t that amazing”? the book begins. And in a tone of joy the book describes how babies get named “boy” or “girl” – and then says “Some babies grow into a different gender than the one that grown-ups called them. There are lots of different genders that people grow into. Some people are girls. Some people are boys. Some people are neither. Some people are both”. There are easily understood descriptions of gender bias and unfairness and a proud statement of “We want the world to be more fair, because each one of us is just right, exactly as we are”. Hooray! Research shows the importance of these discussions with children as young as two. A section for adults is at the back of this book.


Illustrator Andy Passchier shares their book BEING YOU: A FIRST CONVERSATION ABOUT GENDER to help start this important conversation with even the youngest children.

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