Banned Books Everyone Should Read

Guess why for each book!
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When you ban books like these you hide the true experiences and reality of many children in the US and elsewhere.
What happens to a child when they do not see a reflection of themselves in a classroom or library? How do they begin to construct a sense of who they are in the world with self-awareness and healthy self worth?
What happens when children are surrounded by images that only reflect their own reality? How does this misrepresent the world for them? How might that contribute to future hate and harm to others?
Diverse representation matters, for everyone!
About a third of the books that have been recently banned in Florida are in our book collection. Some of them are considered standard books for most early childhood classrooms. Others were ones we are reviewing for consideration.
To find out more information about any of these books visit our Find Books page and search for the title. To find more books like these use our advanced search engine on the page to search by a child’s identity, language, book type, special topic and more.
READ! Ask questions. Build curiosity and excitement instead of breeding hate.
Our future depends on it.